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Molly & Magic's 2014
Yellow Puppies

Cali & Rocket's 2006
Black Puppies

Puddles & Rocket's 2009 Yellow Puppies

Sadie & Max's 2009 Black Puppies

Mariah & Max's 2009 Black Puppies

Puddles & Rocket's Izzy Yellow Puppy

Mariah's & Rip's Black Labrador Puppies

Ginny and Buddy's Chocolate Labrador Puppies
Born:  November 23, 2006 on Thanksgiving Day
The puppies will be 7 weeks of age on January 10th, 2007
All puppies have been reserved.
These puppies are guaranteed for OFA Hip and Eye Certification
AKC Registration, Home Again Microchip, Health Record
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Chocolate Labrador Puppy Inquiry

The photo to the left is a male chocolate labrador puppy.  The puppies are now 7 weeks of age, very playful, love to go outside to play and potty training.  They are familiar with their names and come when their name is called.  The average weight is 12 pounds and their appetites are very good.  All the puppies had their 6 week shots last weekend and had microchips put in. They weighed between 12 and 12.6 pounds at that time.  They've been wormed twice and had their nails trimmed 3 times. They also enjoy playing with Ginny and Libby.  All the puppies are so adorable!

The first is the largest female who is really outgoing and loves to bug her sister. The second is a sweetheart of a female who loves to cuddle and play. 



The Chocolate Labrador puppies are pictured at 4 weeks of age.  More pictures will be added at 5 weeks.  They are running around, very playful and giving plenty of sweet "lab kisses."
A female is pictured to the left, and the smallest male is on the right. 

Female Puppy - 4 Weeks

Puppy - 4 Weeks

Female Puppy - 4 Weeks


Female Labrador Puppies at 4 Weeks of Age

The chocolate Labrador puppies are now 3 weeks of age, walking around, all of their eyes are open and very lovable.  They are so fun to play with, watching them explore the area of the whelping box and the decoy duck.  Their eyes are blue now but will soon be changing to a hazel color around 5 weeks of age.  Enjoy the pictures.  
Female Puppy - 3 Weeks Female Puppy - 3 Weeks Female Puppy - 3 Weeks

Male Puppy - 3 Weeks Female Puppy - 3 Weeks Female Puppy - 3 Weeks

Ginny and Buddy's Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies are all doing great.  Growing a lot each day and the picture to the left is a male puppy with his eyes opened.  They have had their nails trimmed and continue to get tender loving care.  The puppies are continuing to strengthen their leg muscles and will be walking around at 3 weeks of age. 

Female Puppies - 2 Wks

Male Puppies - 2 Wks

Male Puppy - 2 Wks


Male Puppy - 2 Wks


Female Puppy - 2 Wks

Enjoy the pictures,
their eyes will all be opened
in a few days. 
The puppies are now 1 week of age, and had their dew claws removed on November 27th.  The puppies are getting cuddled several times a day and already respond well to interaction with us. They usually curl up in our arms or lap and snooze away. They are growing so fast! Some are already trying to put weight on their front legs instead of just scooting around. Their puppy noises are becoming familiar and can tell when they are happily getting a meal.

 Female Puppies - 1 Wk

Two Females - 1 Wk

Two Females - 1 Wk

The male puppies are pictured at 1 week of age.  Adorable and growing each day. 

Ginny is pictured with her 9 puppies on Day 1. Born in the house and supervised 24 hours a day.  These puppies reside in Kansas and will be extremely socialized by adults and children, continually given loving care. The puppies will be fantastic pets, companions, and will be hunting retrievers.  The puppies are guaranteed for OFA Hip and Eye CERF up-to 30 months of age. 
Ginny has Certification for OFA Hip Excellent, LR-152065E24F-PI and OFA Elbow Normal, LR-EL27118F24-PI.
  Check back weekly for updated photo's.

Ginny is 3 years of age, weighs 75 lbs, very obedient, all heart to please and a great personality.  She loves to retrieve on land and water. 
Ginny's sire is Marsh-Mutt Boot Scootin Cuda, MH (OFA Hip Excellent, Eye CERF), the her grandsire was
FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Barracuda Blue, MH.  Cuda was the only FC-AFC and high point All-Age chocolate labrador in AKC field trial history, and all amateur handled. 
He was also the first and only chocolate labrador to
qualify for the National Amateur Field Trials in '96 and '97. 
OFA Hip Excellent, LR-152065E24F-PI 
OFA Elbow Normal, LR-EL27118F24-PI..

  Pedigree >


The Stud: Sir Buddy of Surry

Buddy is a beautiful chocolate stud with an otter tale.
He is 70 lbs of pure muscle and drive. He has been used as a guide dog
for 2 years at one of the biggest outfitters in Kansas (Midwest outfitters).
He is always willing and ready to work, yet a great dog at home.
He is owned by Oak Creek Labradors, a waterfowl dog, and never gets left
at home when going pheasant hunting.
He is running upland classics, pheasant championships, and will start AKC and APLA testing this year. His last litter produced 11 natural pointers, owners saying they are the best dogs they have owned. Buddy’s Hips are OFA Good. Cert# LR-42347N.

Buddy's Pedigree:

Sir Buddy of Surry

Chocolabs MS Hershey   

Sir Hershey’s Chocolate Chip III

Platte River Sweet Cocoa

Drisko’s Jackson

Saillee’s Yogi Bear

Drisko’s Poke




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