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Air Cargo / Door-to-Door Shipping

We will arrange the shipping of the puppy via airline transportation but for door-to-door delivery service, you will need to contact Linderland Stage directly to make arrangements and communicate the travel  arrangements with us.  

Door-to-Door Ground Transportation
Linderland Stage, (online at, telephone # is 605-673-3361, is a door-to-door small animal delivery service traveling the 48 states. Linderland Stage staff offer personal hands on care to your puppies. Frequent stage stops are made for comfort, exercise, feeding, and watering. Care, cleanliness, safety, and timely delivery of your precious cargo are most important to us. Your pets travel in a climate controlled van with heat and air conditioning. Our drivers carry a cell phone so that we can be in touch with them at all times and you will be able to know how your pet is doing. We have been in the animal care business for 30 years and feel comfortable offering you our service for delivery. We supply secure approved crates, bottled water and bedding during shipment.  Linderland will supply a tentative schedule prior to pick up and will be in touch by telephone. As our driver gets closer to the delivery destination, he or she will call to give a better time frame. Arrangements should be made to have someone there for the delivery. The price will vary depending on the distance, please contact the Linder's for the cost and dates available.  Linderland has been in the animal care business for 30 years and feel comfortable offering you our service for delivery. For more information, check out the website >  Person of contact is > Bill and Judy Linder , P.O. Box 102, Pringle, SD 57773, Telephone > 605-673-3361

Air Cargo Shipping

The available services at the airlines is through the air cargo transportation office nearest to your location.  When you request this service, there are two choices available for shipping - Air Cargo Regular and Air Cargo Over-The-Counter. Upon contacting the airline cargo office it is important to check on the specific routes via 2 different airlines, their schedules as to direct flights, location of the layover and the time of layover before connecting to the next flight.  In some cases, the over-the-counter and regular shipping will have no difference in layover time, depending upon the distance of travel.  The age of the puppy must be 8 weeks.

*  Air Cargo Regular Shipping
This route usually requires a temporary lay over while enroute to the destination point-of-arrival.  The fee for this is lower and generally is $173 to $176+, depending on the distance, the size of the crate and weight of the puppy and crate.  We use Delta Air Cargo most often and flights are out of the Columbus International Airport or Cincinnati Airport or Dayton Airport.

*  Air Cargo Over-The-Counter Shipping
Over-the-counter is normally the fastest with the puppy receiving priority status guaranteed on the flight.  The fee is higher and generally is $173 +, depending on the distance, size of the crate and the weight of the puppy and crate. We insure the puppy for $1,000 or higher depending on the price you pay for the puppy.  US Airlines offer this service.  Hunt-N-Dogs Estates will not ship puppies out of the country.

*  Payment Options
Transportation costs are generally pre-paid at the time of pick-up.  If the airlines requests pre-payment, we will pre-pay the transportation costs and will send the bill to you with the labrador puppy documents - AKC Registration Full Rights, Health Guarantee, Health Record, Bill of Sale,  Home Again National Registration papers, Puppy Pedigree, Pedigree of the parents, and copies of the parents documents - OFA, CERF, and Titles.  The Health Record, Microchip number and the "My New Puppy" document will be sent to you via email before the puppy leaves.

Travel Route

Determining the route of travel greatly depends on the available schedules by the airlines and the weather!  If the puppy is being shipped during the colder months, the route of choice will be south for connection flights, during the summer we will search routes that are north for connections.  We always check the weather temperatures for a safe transportation of the puppy.  We will communicate with you to select the  shortest flight schedule, and time of arrival to meet your satisfaction.  We prefer direct flights, and if necessary we will go to Cincinnati, Ohio to ship the puppy.  If there is a "travel warning" issued for specific dates we will not ship during that time and will select another date.

Choice of Airline Carrier

Selecting the airline carrier depends on the air cargo service to your airport.  We ship from the airports in Columbus, Cincinnati, or Dayton, Ohio.  The air cargo staff will give information regarding which airlines transport puppies to your location.  We will search and arrange for the transport, communicate to you and let you decide the specific route. 

Shipping Crate 

The crate must be large enough for the puppy to stand freely and move around for comfort. The airline cargo has regulations on the size meeting specific requirements.  Crates must have air holes on all sides of the crate for ventilation, which includes the back side of the crate.  Bedding must be included in the crate, we crate train the puppy before flying out and provide a blanket in the crate..  We will use a towel or thermal blanket, or pine shavings if a long distance.  It is important to note that we will not use a form of bedding that may have lead in it as some cedar shavings do have. If you want to specify a particular type of bedding to be utilized, please communicate this to us.  The crate will have 2 bowls, one for food and one for water - this is required by the airlines.  We will freeze the water in the container, and it will melt slowly while enroute so it will not spill out as fast during the flight.  During warmer months, we will include a small water bottle of water which will be taped to the crate for accessibility by airline staff to water the puppy.  Extra puppy food and treats will also be taped to the crate.  A label on the crate will include the name, address, and telephone number for the shipper and the receiving party as well as the time when the puppy was last given food, water and exercised for relief.  Crate training begins one week before shipping, this enables the puppy to be familiar with the crate for transportation.  All puppies will have a collar and a Microchip-Home Again for identification and the ID tag will be attached to the puppy collar.  You will need to bring a leash with you to the airport so you can exercise the puppy upon pick-up.  The cost of the crate will need to be paid prior to shipping, you will only be charged for the exact cost of the crate and a receipt will be sent to you.  Crates for puppies usually cost around $46 to $50, depending on the size of the puppy.

Health Certificate & Letter of Acclimation

Airline transportation requires a health certificate by a licensed veterinarian, which guarantees the puppy has received inoculations to date and that the puppy is healthy for traveling within certain temperatures.  This "certificate of health" will be included in the documents upon shipping with the airlines. The certificate must be completed within 10 days of the shipping.  We normally will have the certificate completed within 3-5 days of shipping.  The "Acclimation Letter" is attached also which is signed by the Veterinarian.  All puppies will be dewormed, and receive current inoculations to-the-date of shipping according to the age.  We will send this document to you via email or fax so you will have it before the puppy arrives.  The puppy will receive a flea and tick bath the day before shipping.

Upon Arrival

We will call you after the puppy has been shipped to verify the time of arrival.  It is best to be at the air cargo office at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival and inform the staff that you are picking up your puppy.  Items to bring with you are water, leash and a towel or blanket if you plan on holding the puppy.  It is best to hold the puppy on your lap to give love and security.  The first person that lets the puppy out of the crate and holds the puppy on the way home will be the one the puppy will bond with first.

Veterinarian Health Check

The health guarantee recommends that the puppy be checked by a Veterinarian within 5-10 days after arrival.  You may want to set an appointment with the veterinarian to have the puppy checked on the way home after pick-up.  Please take a copy of the Health Record document that we sent to you.


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